a very sexy, hot, attractive girl whos good in bed. and the closet. and in the bathroom. has awesome taste in music and knows how to dance to it. rocking body.
'man, i just had an AMAZING night with a Natalie'
by clemmyflemmy October 14, 2009
lovely and sensitive girl
easy troubled but never gives up
trying new things all the time
but never forget the old times
a common name for girls
but never a common person
she is always the most special
friend: wtf? you still love her that much?!
unknown: yeah well... she is Natalie after all. Sometimes i think this would never ever end :)
by ttkheartslhm November 19, 2009
Greatest,funniest, sexiest, most classy girl you'll ever meet!
That girl is awesome! A true natalie!
by Mwal4 February 03, 2010
the most beautiful, gorgouse, stunning, girl. she has the sweetest heart, shes shy at first but once you get to know her you wouldnt regret meeting her. ANY GUY would be the luckiest guy in the universe to have her. shes funny, sweet, nice, kind, and drop dead gorgouse, she has everything anyone would want in a girl. she is great with friends, and popular. her bestfriends are the most impoartant thing to her. she seems shy, innocent, and quiet at first, but become friends with her and see that theres more to than how she "looks." she is orginal and unique, you cant find someone like her.
guy1: oh man, did you see natalie today?
guy2: yes, shes gorgouse.
guy1: man i wish i could be with her.
by puppylove123 October 24, 2011
a girl who is nice, funny, sweet, and pretty. some one who can be really shy at first, but once you get to know her she opens up and turns out to be really nice. she loves art, even if she isnt the best at it. she has long eye lashes and pretty tan. she is one of the bestest friends you'll ever have, and any one would be lucky to date her. Natalie is also very smart, so she knows her ways around things, and she tries her best to help people with problems.(:
Dannggg natalie is like the down right bon bon! u be like "whhhoooaaa mmmaannnn thats a natalie right there! she gots all signs of perfection!! i know who my next friend will be!" and then some one else will be all like "uuuh naww. she is gonna be mine weather u like it or not cuz i am smokin." &&& then the other person be all like "pppssshhhh i bet she wont go for eaither of us, cuz dude.....she waayyy outta our leage......." then the other guy will be all like "yeah, but......wait, ppsh! ur just tryinmg to change my mind, i got the pooowerr! I ALREADY EAT THE TACOS OF WISDOM SO BYE!" skaduche,
by An Awesome Person ;) October 31, 2011
A girls name dating from the 17th century meaning 'born at christmas' or 'christmas child'. Originating in eastern Europe, Natalie has many variations in many languages such as Natale, in italian and Natalia in eastern Europe, both of which mean christmas. Other meanings for this name are; winter child, strong one and blessed one.
Can also be shortened to Tallie, Tally or Talia (from the eastern ueropean variation)
Natalie Simpson, Natalie Wood, Natalia Umarouv
by Dhampire February 02, 2010
The coolest person in the entire universe most likely
great friend, sticks up for you whenever possible
loving, caring, beautiful, amazing!
natalie is the greatest person in the whole world
by picklesinurbutt-minetoo July 17, 2010

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