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The most sweetest girl you'll ever meet! and by far, the most funniest. With just a glance of her smile she can turn anyone's day around! She is very intelligent and unique, you wont every want to replace her. She's got big beautiful brown eyes and a big heart!
Me: " Hey! Look at that pretty smile, I bet she's a Natalie ;D. "
by yonigguhskyler March 28, 2013
A stunner! She is absolutely amazing at anything she tries... ANYTHING!! She is a bit shy at first then she opens up and is a loud, fun, loving, caring person. Everyone is her friend. She is the best friend that anyone can ask for! She is nice to everyone, so go get her boys! As she is beautiful on the inside and on the out, boys fall for her FAST.
Boy: Natalie is the hottest, nicest girl out!
Another boy: Yeah I want her.
Boy: Nah she's too good for you.
by (*__*) May 13, 2013
A girl who is very hot and wears big earrings.
Look! There goes Natalie!
by crazyformazy June 20, 2011
She is the most beautiful out going girl in the world! She is shy at first but then will grow to be a sexy beautiful person. She likes to dress up but at hart she is a true tomboy. She loves to play sports but can have a temper but if you are ever lucky enough to get a Natalie don't ever let her go.
by kittycat237456 March 09, 2014
An outstandingly beautiful, extremely special, supermegafoxyawesomehot girl with a sublime mind and an enchanting smile.
"Dude, did you know that Luke is dating Natalie?"

"No way! How did a guy like Luke get a girl like Natalie?"

"The world may never know."
by PizzaAmerica October 21, 2009
A complete slut of a girl. Be careful if she comes into town because your boyfriend is no match for her, that is if you do mind her shoving her tongue down his throat.
"God look at that girl attack Lia's boyfriend with her mouth"

"She's such a Natalie"
by Avafranklin July 18, 2014
The most cruel Viper that inhibits the nine circles of hell. Her heart pumps fire hot venom, which she injects her prey with. A manipulative serpent that breaks every soul that encounters her. She first makes you love her, and in the end rips your heart out and breaks it into a million peaces, then steals your soul and feeds it to her bitch dog.
Guy 1: "Did you see that girl? she's such a Natalie."
Guy 2: "Yeah she totally ripped that girls heart out :o"
by kuxexusup February 21, 2014
To take a can of soda and only take one sip and leave the rest
Is this your soda? No is this your soda ? No this ones a Natalie then
by Johnny Funtime January 05, 2014