The most sweetest girl you'll ever meet! and by far, the most funniest. With just a glance of her smile she can turn anyone's day around! She is very intelligent and unique, you wont every want to replace her. She's got big beautiful brown eyes and a big heart!
Me: " Hey! Look at that pretty smile, I bet she's a Natalie ;D. "
by yonigguhskyler March 28, 2013
A girl you never let go. Love her with everything you have and she will return it twice as much.

I'm so sorry. I miss you every day of my life..
Boy: You with me?

Natalie: Always
by Pupandy October 05, 2011
Natalie is a pretty ladehh. She is smart, funny, and super pretty! She's going to be a super-doctor one day and save us all. She has a great sense of humor and you can joke around with her all the time x). She's so beautiful! Those eyes! Demmmm lips O_o. She has small hands and feet >:D! But seriously, she is an amazing friend to anyone she meets. She can make you feel better with a snap of a finger! She's like the premium comcast package basically. She's got the brains, the gorgeous looks, and personality. She's a cool gal.
Oh man, look at Natalie! She's hella BAAAAAAA-----......
by SoFun February 14, 2012
The hottest girl ever to walk on the face of the earth. Natalie has a body shaped like an hour glass, she's hood with a lil' class and real cute wita lotta ass. Don't get it twisted Natalie knows where she came from and where she's going. Natalie's a great person with a poppin personality and she got love for the dark skin brotha's
I need to get me a natalie. Damn I'm carving for a Natalie. Yo that guy was totally checking out Natalie
by Nats123( June 26, 2011
The most amazing girl you will meet in your whole life. She is funny, smart, beautiful, everything you could ever want. She gets mad easily so take care to stay on her good side. If you ever meet a Natalie don't ever let her slip away, you may not realize it then, but it will have been the worst mistake of your life, she likes to create interesting words like "brofriend" as well. she makes an amazing friend but you cant stand to see her with someone else. Although I have tried my best, words truly cannot describe how she makes you feel.
Dude 1: Hey man do you want to know how i feel when im with natalie?

Dude 2: Sure...
Dude 1: ........
by xKillmaster799x July 04, 2012
A girl who is totally timid and shy around new people, but once you get to know her, she will become one of your best friends. She doesn't have many boyfriends, because she has trouble expressing how she really feels about people. She easily goes along with the flow. She is very confident, but gets hurt very easily. She is a very sensitive girl, but she doesn't let it show, because she doesn't want to involve those around her. Very kind, smart, and beautiful. She is the perfect girl.
"That girl over there meets all of my needs! She's perfect! I wonder what her name is!"
"She's perfect! She must be a Natalie!"
by Tennessee Bitch May 30, 2013
The most awesome person ever. Basically perfect.
Man, that natalie is so cool! I wish i could be like her.
by Hihowareyou? August 16, 2012
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