One who gives sex to a man paying for a Eurotrip, whilst cheating on benefactor.
He's paying for your Germany trip and you're fucking his best friend? You are such a Natalie!
#whore #skank #slut #prostitute #natlee #good samaritan (antonym)
by Mike.Chiaravalloti July 13, 2010
Top Definition
A very pretty girl who is shy at first but then she will open up. She is very trustworthy and has a great sense of humor. She falls for people fast and doesn't trust easily. She is beautiful inside and out people just don't realize it..... yet. Shes kickass and a great friend to have.
Man, Natalie is the total package.
I got to get me a Natalie
#natalie #cool #beautiful #hott #sexy #bestfriend
by a3D3vTgiO0l August 15, 2008
The most beautiful and loving person i have ever met...i love her and she can be the best peroson ever

1. kind
2. loving
3. beautiful
4. sporty

my best friend has the qualities of a natalie
#beautiful #nat #natty #natfat #nattyfatty #girl
by gerva January 07, 2008
A very cool person. A Natalie is loved by everybody. She is too good for words to desctibe.
Natalie is extremely cool.
by Mayci May 21, 2005
A Natalie is a amazing girl and any man would be SO LUCKY to have her, she is a natural beauty and her charms could charm anyone,

She is a lovley girl who loves to dye her hair and loves to have fun with her friends and would should be honoured if you EVER meet a natalie
"WOW that girls fit!"
"Shes a Natalie alright!"
#natalie #stunner #beauty #fit #wow
by totallylikewow! April 20, 2009
A kind, caring, cool and very funny person who is one of th enicest people you will ever meet. =) she never has a bad word to say about anyone and is a 100% reliable friend.
Natalie is my awesomest friend!!! =P feeling down? GET A NATALIE! =)
#smart #funny #kind #happy #good friend
by hehehe.. happy. =) July 21, 2009
A beautiful, talented, athletic, and determined girl who always sees the good in people. She has an amazing sense of humor and lights up a room with her smile. Her beauty shines through no matter what the occasion. She puts her whole heart into everything she persues. Though they might not see it, she cherishes her friends more than anything in the world and would do anything for them. She loves having a good time and takes each day as a blessing. She is every guy's dream girl; smart, pretty, and funny. She is truly an angel sent from above.
That girl is absolutely amazing, must be a Natalie.
Wow, she's perfect, must be a Natalie
#natalie #nat #perfect #angel #beautiful #love #funny #smile #athletic #talented #determined #amazing #blessing #heaven #heart #dream girl #smart #pretty #unbeatable
by hbcali6233 August 29, 2010
A very sweet girl. She's very smart and tries to be nice to everyone. A beautiful girl who's always trying to make people happy. A good friend whom you can trust. An animal lover. She loves being with her friends. She is only mean when you annoy the shit out of her. A fun-loving girl that loves everybody and doesn't take crap froma anyone!
Natalie is so pretty and kind!
I wish I can be Natalie's best friend!
#beautiful #nice #kind #sweet #smart
by RealTalker February 22, 2012
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