a really big guy that goes to nsa
by Anonymous March 08, 2003
Top Definition
The muscular criminal black guy in Half-Baked who tries to ass rape Kenny and is beaten up by Squirrel Master.
Nasty Nate is a stupid criminal just like Kobe Bryant
Upon climaxing during sex, you vomit on your partner.
"that guy was so drunk he gave me a nasty nate"
The large black prison rapist in the movie "half baked" whos goal seems to be to raping kenny the "kindergarten cop killer"
"no nasty nate thats my bitch" - squirrel man
by Anonymous March 04, 2003
a male named nate who constantly sends his friends hyperlinks to the Urban Dictionary and any picture he finds containing fecal matter.
"Nate Woodward is a Nasty Nate"
by s March 12, 2003
The word used to describe the dissapointment, when a mother looks at her really fuked up baby
omg, she is so nastynate
by wanna-be-jess March 24, 2003
a confused bi-sexual adolescent, with sporatic hair equally distributed over his body
woah, that guy looks wierd, kinda like nathan
by wanna-be-a-greg March 24, 2003
someone who is not co-ordinated enouph to scratch ones balls, or even turn pages in a magazine
woah, that guy looks wierd, kinda like NastyNate
by wanna-be-a-greg March 24, 2003
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