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1. A famous American gymnast.
2. To push up on a girl's pussy.
1. Did you see Nastia Liukin's vault?
2. Did you know you can't go Nastia Liukin on a dude.
by tf44 September 06, 2008
Fierce gymnast. HBIC. Won 5 medals at the 2008 Olympics, including the gold for all-around. She would have won more golds if it weren't for the 12 year old Chinese girls.
Did you watch gymnastics last night?

Yeah! Nastia Liukin was robbed of the gold by a fetus.
by asdfsesrtg September 03, 2008
1. 2008 Olympic Women's All-Around Gymnastics Champion.
2. The most beautiful human female who ever has or ever will exist.
-Nastia Liukin won Women's All-Around!
-Is that the Nastia Liukin who is the most beautiful human female ever?
-Yeah, same one.
by YAR! A pirate! September 14, 2010