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Noun: A word describing a female creature, usually the coolest person in the "room" (also known as, "world" or "universe"). They always have their names mispronounced; usually by idiots that don't know how to read. Nastasia's are typically chill and often misunderstood. Everything they touch smiles. They constantly flash the peace sign at someone. They like to distribute "high-five"s (a.k.a, "the Super Slap"). They come from cool little countries (Dominican Repulic) and they smile alot. They are intensely intelligent and creative by nature. They are very talented in everything but lacrosse. They're really hot.
"I'm a Nastasia"

"Look at that Nastasia!"

by fucking__awsome.bby! March 14, 2009
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Extremely overweight and obese individual. Eats way beyond normal capacity, and does not share their food with anyone.
I went to the buffet line but it looked like a Nastasia had already ran through it.
by Deebo53 September 29, 2010

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