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A Naskundu is a person who is a complete retard. He/She does not have even the slightest idea about civil behavior. They wear only a shirt even when it's freezing outside. A Naskundu has a characteristic trait to end ever sentence with the post-fix 'raa' (eg: what are you doing raa??)

Naskundus are often found in groups of 4-6. They talk as if yelling at the top of their voice. They rent apartments in groups of 6 in order to save money. They are disgusting and filthy.
Son: "Dad, who are those people outside the window? it's snowing here and they just have a shirt on.."

Dad: "SHUT THE WINDOWS! You must have spotted a group of Naskundus!"
by Zhenzhou daxue de yige tongxue December 05, 2009
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