A terrible, terrible hockey team. The only people that keep them in the game at all are Pekka Rinne, Shane O'Brien, and Shea Weber. Nashville shouldn't have a hockey team. They should stick to incest and nascar. Just get out. Thanks.
Bob: The Nashville Predators are horrible.
Joe: You just noticed? They can't put a puck in the net.
by Buttsecks12345 April 28, 2011
Top Definition
The Nashville Predators are a professional hockey team based out of the Music City. Nashville actually has a rich history of hockey that no one seems to know about. In 1995, the New Jersey Devils almost re-located to Nashville, but eventually decided to stay put. So in 1997, the NHL granted Nashville an expansion team. The Predators got their name after remains of a saber-toothed tiger were found while excavating in the 1970's. In 2007, Nashville almost lost their beloved team, but their devoted fans rallied and quickly found a new owner.
Did you hear that the Nashville Predators where almost sold a few years back? Yeah, but the Nashville fans love their team, and they wouldn't stand for anybody putting their hands on their damn team. That's awesome, why doesn't Hamilton just buy out the St. Louis Blue's or some gay team like that? That's a great question...
by TylaUrrrlez August 12, 2009
The WORST hockey team EVER!!!! They are much worse than the St. Louis Blues.
Jessie: So I don't like the Nashville Predators very much. How about you Maria?

Maria: I agree, I think they are the worst hockey team ever created. They should just stop playing.
by Jam91 April 01, 2009
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