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the persian/arabic word meaning unique. Variations in the meaning across different parts of the middle east may include Beautiful, luscious and/or "cute".
One myth on the true escalation and popularity on the name was due to a fairy tale story of a girl living in the north west province of South Africa in which people began becoming blinded by the radiant beauty of this girl. This is a very recent tail which is said to have occurred during 1992 - the present day.
One other variation to the myth is with regard to a figure of a women. It is said: "naming a girl Nasheeta would undoubtly cause the development of the girls body in to what is regarded as the perfect figure in these modern times"
Nasheeta Soomar
Nasheeta Muhamed
(Most commonly a first name for women)
by Nazo77 June 27, 2013
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