The middle ground between a grin and a chuckle. You find something amusing to the extent that you blow air out of your nose, but not funny enough to chuckle.
Craig: "Fuck yeah! I just pissed off the last shit stain in the toilet."
Lloyd: *nasal*
by AdamsApple March 22, 2009
Top Definition
The act of putting a penis up your nose. Similar to oral or anal, but with your nose.
"Hey man, wanna know why Jay-Z has such big nostrils?"
"What picking his nose? Is it because he's black??"
"Nah, he gives himself nasal."

"Heard Jessica gives good nasal"
"Better put that shnoz to work"

"Nasal is always better when they're sick, snot is great lube"
by aims6969 March 04, 2014
n. the act of licking the inside of your partner's nostril in such a way as to be erotic or to illicit a sexual response.
The other night, my roommate started making out with his girlfriend. I didn't mind until she started giving him nasal.
by MollyLovesKurt March 16, 2010
To have sex by stick a dick/dildo into the nostral of male/female.. a very uncommom interesting way to make love.
"Hey Paige we had great nasal last night"
by Nasalsexuallyactive. July 24, 2009
To insert the male genitalia up one's nose and furiously penetrate in and out.
"My girl and me had some hardcore nasal last night"
by Salt Licky October 13, 2004
Nasal intercourse where a man sticks his penis in the womans nose
Push for nasal! Everybody must get nasal!
by Joe January 16, 2005
To fuck someone up their nose.
"I gave my girl some mighty nasal last night, and now she's all stopped up."
by KaiserMonkey August 21, 2003
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