A manga that already has annoying 7 year olds flocking to it dressing up in plastic forehead protectors. going OMFG I R T3H UBER NARUT0 FAN CUZ I BOUGHT VOLIME 4. A decent anime series that has been liscensed yet and not by 4Kids since they suck.
Naruto got lisensed, i can buy some games now!
by alex March 01, 2005
a popular show for children
featured on cartoon network, and other
channels which children watch
All the little kids like watching naruto.
by taz.z.z June 05, 2006
a pretty good manga series but a peice of shit animai...hands down
Naruto is gay

naruto fans are gay
by marsspaceman20098 September 23, 2006
It's nothing realy... only TEH BEST MANGA/ANIME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's even better than shaman king not the way the voices in my head put it though...
Me: Naruto is the coolest manga on the face of the planet
one of the voices in my head: no it's not! Shaman King is!
by Isalidi Crest August 14, 2006
The best anime in the world, there is no competition. Also the name of the main character, who happens to be the stupidest character which is inferior to Sasuke.
omgwtf sasuke is owning again
by Not-NecroAngel: May 12, 2005
A great way to keep your virginity.
Sarah: Hey, Jim. You wanna come over tonight?
Jim: Nah, I'm watching Naruto.
Sarah: Fucking frigit.
by Fuqin Potato chikin sh!t November 24, 2014

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