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A boy who talks big. A great Shinobi though. He has a demon fox spirit sealed within him. He's also annoying, but cool.
"NARUTO!!!" Shouted Iruka Sensei when he did his ninja centerfold.
by David Tran February 28, 2005
159 166
An okay anime that emo kids think makes them more emo
Wow emos realy like naruto
by ut713 December 09, 2006
73 83
The worst anime/manga series thingy on the planet. It tends to attract ten year olds who then think that because they watch Naruto and Inuyasha (another terrible anime/manga series thingy) and other worthless crap that is terrible even in sub they are 'hXc animAY fanz', and generally discredit true fans because of their stupidity.
Naruto fan: I'm a true anime fan!
Anime fan: Which anime do you like?
Naruto fan: Um... Naruto, Inuyasha, Fruits Basket, FMA... And loads more that I can't remember. lolz. They're so kakkoi!!
Anime fan: How about Loveless, Jigoku Shojo, Princess Princess, Weiß Kreuz, Gundam Wing...?
Naruto fan: Um, what?
Anime fan: ¬¬;
by Enma Ai August 24, 2006
164 174
The coolest manga ever and anyone who contradicts me is marked, it is about naruto, sasuke, and sakura as well as their wicked cool teacher Kakashi.
If you don't own a copy of Shonen Jump 2-11 by tommorow then may Kakashi have mercy on your goddam soul
by Kakashi October 18, 2003
271 283
A very good manga although the anime simply isn't up to snuff. It has many of the pitfalls as DBZ and the like where, the anime dwells to long on certain things (like hair falling) while in the manga, sure it takes up a page, but you read and take it in much faster in the manga. Although there are too many fanboys that clog the rooms on IRC (most notably #anbudom and #animeone) and you can easily tell this will be picked up in the states by FUNimation and get mutilated like every series that has ever been translated and edited for four-year-olds. Save yourself time and just read the manga.
I read the Naruto manga and saved myself hours of watching the show AND valuable hard drive space since I'm impatient and am willing to download fansubs done by chans who hate Naruto fanboys!
by GT_Onizuka November 30, 2003
105 119
This dumb shit manga/anime where a little cockfucker goes around in an orange jumpsuit and thinks he's cool.
"Naruto is so awzombe! Iwan fuck Saskue!"

"Shut the fuck up and spell right, douche."
by WHEEEEEEEEE February 03, 2009
31 47
The hero of his hit anime/manga series. When he was a born, the Kyubi, a tailed beast fox that attacked Konoha, was sealed into his body by Legendary Yondaime Hokage. But he was shunned by everyone in his village. Despite that, this loud, cocky,impulsive , unpredictable, goofy blond-haired outcast and failure dreams to become Hokage, the Leader of Konoha, to gain people's respect and acknowledge. He is part of Team 7, with Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno, and Jounin Leader Kakashi Hatake. He has surprised a lot a people with his cunning and determination. His main jutsu is Kage Bunshin, a clone technique which he uses in all fights. Other jutsu is harem jutsu, sexy jutsu, summoning toads, and the super-cool Rasengan, a swirling chakra sphere which sends other ninja's packing. He now tends to rely on Kyubbi's limitless chakra, even though he goes feral and causes damage to everyone. All in all, He is a pretty awesome character.
Naruto's quotes:
# I will never give up... I will never go back on my word. That is my nin-do, my ninja way!
# My dream is to become the worlds greatest Hokage!
# Dattebayo!
# My name is Uzumaki Naruto, and I'm not going to lose to any of you!
by MUKIZA June 23, 2007
26 42