The type of fart, when thrown sitting down, that rises upwards and is released on the side of your testicle and leg making a "fart" sound. The skin from the testicle claps with the skin of the leg.
"I tried to be secretive, but the nart was louder than expected"

"I narted while getting head, i tried to squeeze my cheeks shut but it was too late and i narted near her face instead of the bed. She felt the air of the nart."
by Physiks February 03, 2010
Top Definition
Gas that is smelled but not heard. It creeps up on you. A synonym for Ninja Fart and Silent but Deadly.
Did somebody just Nart? I didn't hear it, but I know its in the room.
by GrippStick September 17, 2007
"Narts" means oh no i forgot something or like a word used when angry at something.
Ahhh narts my car has a flat tire what will i do now? Oh narts
by MY PUPPY DOG March 27, 2012
Not a real thing
Person 1: I love wearing toe socks with sandals! So fashionable.
Person 2: What the f*ck? NART!
by nartisart October 13, 2011
A describing word, for something to be amazing
that episode of that so 70's show was so narts!
by goonbash March 29, 2011
Artwork that is done on class notes.
Man check out this nart i did in Anthropology today.
by newtons 5th law April 20, 2009
to fart so hard it rattles your nuts, and or your scrotum touches your anus and when you flatulate it vibrates violently against the scrotum.
Calvin Rafferty narted so loudly it could be heard throughout the South Shore
by goobercat50000 August 06, 2014
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