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Gas that is smelled but not heard. It creeps up on you. A synonym for Ninja Fart and Silent but Deadly.
Did somebody just Nart? I didn't hear it, but I know its in the room.
by GrippStick September 17, 2007
46 23
"Narts" means oh no i forgot something or like a word used when angry at something.
Ahhh narts my car has a flat tire what will i do now? Oh narts
by MY PUPPY DOG March 27, 2012
18 8
The type of fart, when thrown sitting down, that rises upwards and is released on the side of your testicle and leg making a "fart" sound. The skin from the testicle claps with the skin of the leg.
"I tried to be secretive, but the nart was louder than expected"

"I narted while getting head, i tried to squeeze my cheeks shut but it was too late and i narted near her face instead of the bed. She felt the air of the nart."
by Physiks February 03, 2010
18 11
Not a real thing
Person 1: I love wearing toe socks with sandals! So fashionable.
Person 2: What the f*ck? NART!
by nartisart October 13, 2011
13 9
A dirty penis. The male version of a cunt.
Stacey: "Kevin is being such a nart today! He told me I need to lose weight!"
Linda: "Well you have put on a little weight..."
Stacey: "Linda, you're a toxic cunt."
by Bekieeee March 03, 2014
2 1
Artwork that is done on class notes.
Man check out this nart i did in Anthropology today.
by newtons 5th law April 20, 2009
15 15
A describing word, for something to be amazing
that episode of that so 70's show was so narts!
by goonbash March 29, 2011
10 11