A magical creature that is believed to inhabit mistletoe.
Luna: Look! Nargles!
Harry: Where?
by loonylovegood11 November 11, 2010
Top Definition
Creatures made up by Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter books. They are known to live in mistletoe, and they are quite the little theves. Sometimes, Nargles are used in Draco/Luna fanfiction.
Luna: When we were five, you told me that mistletoe had nargles in them.

Draco: What?

Luna: Nargles.

Draco: And you believed me?

Luna: You haven't lied to me since.
by Loony Luna Lovegood October 23, 2007
1. a terrible meschevious creature of notorious evil nature that attacs only on the new moon in august july or february. The masterful chief Tagliano advises you take all of the nessasary precautions on these nights of NargleFeast.

1) set up a tent or form of shelter
2) Surround the covering with flamingos and if possible, one of the 4 sacred stones
3) Make sure there is a flamboyantly gay man within the 100 yrd radious in case of a sudden attack where in need of some urgent death cab for cutie rendering of soul meets body to fend them off
4) Glow sticks are a sure fire way to keep the nargles in their place!!! keep them near your face when traveling out of your dwelling, this keeps you invisible to the nargles and therefore cannot harm you
5) Grilled cheese made in the proper manner such as wheat bread and meuster cheese with REAL butter is a sure fire repellent.
(BE sure to make your gay friend chad one too. HE may or may not ask you but even if he does he will be to high to remember and will be very grateful that you have made him one.)
6) Chives are the single most important element of nargle feast and be sure to keep refreshing your stock hourly. 'keep a stem in your mouth at all times and the nargles must keep safe distance. WARNING: CHives are a deadly and dangerous drug when not used correctly.
7) Finally, sparklers (3 for each person of your tribe) are lit ritually and flailed ina circular pattern around campsite for nargles will be visible out of the eyes of the sparkler trance leader.
Theres a Nargle. Quick! Grab a flamingo.
the nargle has a fang or two
by tagliano January 20, 2008
Someone or something that you happen to be angry or dismayed at. An appendage or an unnormal protruding object of someone or thing.
You just stole all my money, you nargle!
Hey guys, look at the nargle on the side of that box.
by Alex Spengler January 17, 2008
An elite level of disgusting girl that even if slept with, gets ditched right after.
Good thing I ditched that nargle, I would have died if I had had to see that face in the morning.
by dtp all day long February 06, 2011
A slang term adopted by the girls on Looking for Nargles. Has a meaning similar to awesome, wicked, and 'so totally jokes'
"That girl is so nargle."
by lunalvgood October 23, 2009
when you fart on someone and they feel the rumble/heat

yo he nargled on my shoulder, thats heinous
by seth palmer February 09, 2006
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