Variety of gay guy,so vain,effeminate and self-absorbed it verges on the comic.More the exception than the norm,sometimes avoided by other gays.Frequents excruciating,cheesy reality shows.
"I have sat nav in my Acura to scour my town for my exfoliants,before my therapist.Do you think I look cute in my hat?" Addicted to the narcisissy porno genre,which involves a vast mirror,the user(freshly exfoliated),and latest phone cam.Saturates Facebook with every breath taken in their daily life.
by G Suss August 23, 2012
Top Definition
Etymology: Contraction of narcissist and sissy

One who engages in a repetitive obnoxious behavior reflecting a deep-seated unhealthy self-obsession with gaining personal attention, and in particular one who carries out such behavior in a cowardly fashion intended to make it difficult for others to avoid their obnoxious behavior.
The narcisissy nameshifted six times in one day just to irritate people in the forum who put him in their killfiles.

Related term: obsissive

(Note to Ed. both obsissive and narcisissy are new entries submitted together, please remove this note)
by Sqwirrel August 30, 2010
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