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A Stupid Retarded Mythical Creature.
The Dragon is such a Nar Nar.
by Karen Gonzalez August 13, 2011
10 16
Shortened modernized version of narly typically used by stoners.
Dude that shit is nar nar.
by Puffy January 16, 2004
229 145
same as blah blah blah...
You're talking, but all I hear is narnar...
by AlstoPace November 10, 2006
49 19
When something is too intense to just describe it as "gnarly"
Dude! I wanna grow a nar-nar beard!!!

Last night I went to a nar-nar A Day to Remember concert!!!
by BigAndyEz March 01, 2011
28 12
Short for gnarly.
I got food poisoned and hurled was nar nar.
by claygi September 14, 2008
94 81
A word that means whatever the speaker wants it to mean at that particular moment.
My brother was being such a nar-nar today.
by Contrecoup March 26, 2005
34 25
The name to be given to a friend, or member of a group, who behaves like a mentally challenged individual
Did you see him get drunk and run into a wall? What a nar-nar!
by mintylm October 23, 2009
26 19
Narnar is a shorter cooler version of gnarly it's quite possibly the coolest adjective in the history of ever! Especial because its Morgan & Sophia's word :P
cupcakes are hella narnar.
by sex mitten March 01, 2008
30 24