To masturbate a little bit, and then take a nap.
Nobody was around for a few hours, so I thought it was time to napsturbate.
by el blobo January 26, 2013
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Verb: the physical act of napping after a satisfying session of masturbation.
Girl 1: Hey want to join me for happy hour after work?
Girl 2: Nah girl, I'm gonna eat potato chips then watch some milf porn then napsturbate.

*Trademarked by SA
by urbdicuser June 13, 2014
When you masturbate just so you can sleep easier
I couldn't sleep last night so I totally had to napsturbate
by Wolflobot October 30, 2013
To pleasure oneself while sleeping. Like sleepwalking, but with less walking and more masturbation.
Bob: "I woke up with my hands in my pants!"
Tim: "I didn't know you napsturbate."
by FaceDecade January 14, 2009

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