A movie that has always sucked. Not because it has been over-quoted big-time, but because it has no plot or interesting dialogue whatsoever. The movie has no point, except maybe to top Pulp Fiction in being the most misquoted movie ever. The difference is, Pulp Fiction doesn't suck.
Trendy movie-going idiot, circa 1994: Ya know what they call a quater-pounder with cheese in France? OMGlollolz
Trendy movie-going idiot, circa 2004: Gosh! Freakin' idiot! OMGlollolz
by Marky March 01, 2005
The worst piec of shit mobie i have ever seen in my life and i wish it would burn so that nobody will ever see it again. I hated it so much i changed my dogs name from napoleon to fuck napoleon
napoleon dynamite is a fag
by a movie viewer February 28, 2005
The fucking stupidest movie ever produced. So mind-numbingly stupid and pointless that it has been linked to causing cancer in chimpanzees.

Supposedly an outrageously funny and witty movie. Your friends are lying to you. Throughout the course of the movie, your friends wanted to stab themselves in the ears and eyeballs to stop the misery. When it was over, they were in a state of shock from having lost 90 minutes of their lives and/or having flushed $8 down the drain. Angry inside, they decided to inflict this misery on everyone they know by spreading the word that it's a great movie.

You will not be entertained. You will not be uplifted. You will not be engaged in the storyline as it does not have one. You will not be inspired. You may laugh once, perhaps twice, as idiots never seem to tire of other idiots falling over or hurting each other. Think "America's Stupidest Home Videos" in the late 80's.

People will tell you that it has a bunch of great quotes. It doesn't. The quotes aren't great, they're just easy to remember, so anyone can pick up on them and recognize them when they come out of some other idiot's mouth. Maybe I will! Gosh! Hardy har.
Person 1: You actually watched Napoleon Dynamite?

Person 2: Yeah, it was so funny when...when...uh...

Person 1: *Slaps*
by Half February 17, 2005
This is definitely the worst movie of the early 21st Century; the WORST. Napoleon gives insult and injury to the awesome Corsican general and emperor of the same name who lived during the early 1800s. (Without the Dynamite, of course.)
The quotes that all the emo rockers and other teen/college-age faggots use from this movie are absolutely lame and weak. It seems that movies today are getting crappier and crappier.
Patton, Battle of The Bulge, Gettysburg, Ghostbusters, A Beautiful Mind, Saving Private Ryan, Groundhog Day, Citizen Kane, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, Animal House, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, The Shining, Rainman.......now those are good movies. I'm the same age range that these kids who are saying Napoleon Dynamite is awesome; that makes me very ashamed.
by Ryan February 06, 2005
Truly an insult to film making. This movie cannot be decribed through mere text only. The god-awfulness of this shit heap is so hidden that millions of mindless douche-bags think its the funniest thing in the world, and to show it they cheapen the phrases such as "gosh!" and "idiot!" and that stupid tater tots shit so much that it even further deepens my contempt for this shitty movie.

Whats so funny about some dipshit kid who talks like a bitch? And even if it were funny, why would it be funny when you say it? Well, its not. Every review on here that is for Napoleon Dynamite includes the words "frickin'" "gosh", or "sweet!". I would rather be blasted in the face with a shotgun loaded with Al Gore's semen than listen to another one of these horrible renditions of this shitty movie. Oh look, the guy needs chapstick! Call the whole extended family, Barbara, this movie needs to be seen over and over and over!

Why don't you fucking lunatics just break down and stalk this shithead who played Napoleon Dynamite so you can ask him to do the lines over and over for you so you don't have to blather it off to everyone you meet? Seriously, this shit needs to end. I'm so sick of this movie. Shitty only half describes it. Take shit, add a baboon's ass, and multiply by Michael Moore, and the product is Napoleon Dynamite.
Hey! Guess what I got? The Napoleon Dynamite DVD with 12 hours of extra footage of him saying "IDIOT!"!!! Wh....what are you doing with that steak knife? Wait! NO! AUGHHH!!!!!!!!!!!
by Kevin the almighty March 25, 2005
Complete waste of time and money. I want my hour and 43 minutes back.
Am I the only one who fails to see the greatness in this movie?
by villevaloisbeautiful March 03, 2005
The worst movie I have wasted my time and money to watch/buy. Me, being the dumb fuck that I am, bought this piece of shit thinking it was going to be good. I totally should've borrowed it from someone to discover how fucking pointless it actually was. I could've kept that 20 something dollars.
All the preppy dipshits like this movie. People who actually own a functioning brain find it to be quite overrated and pointless.

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