Julianna's most favorite movie of all times.
somebody: hey, what's your favorite movie
julianna: Napoleon Dynamite
by wildhamstervik February 22, 2005
Pretty much the best movie ever.

Vote for Pedro.
1) I would bang Napoleon Dynamite pretty hard.

2) If I were to meet Napoleon Dynamite I would let him take control of my body for the night.

3) Napoleon is a sex god.
by Napoleon is a sex god April 14, 2005
A movie that was an indie-flick. For about ten seconds after its release. Then everybody and there stupid prep brother saw it and immediatly started overrquoting/misquoting it. Now every prep or emo pretends to be deep and relate to the movie. This movie was stolen from the indie kids! Its our movie bitches!
prep:Did you see Napoleon Dynamite 16 yet.
emo:ya that movie was so deep, i like cried for eight hours.
anyindiekidinU.S.A:both of you stfu that was originally an indie flick and you both fuckin know it.
emo:oh man (cries)
#prep #emo #indie #stupid #fag #scenester
by zack novark October 28, 2006
Napoleon is very sexy. Do not quote him for it makes you look dumb. He has very sexy hair and eyes and face and lips especially. I luv him. He's so cute.
Stupid Child: My lips hurt real bad!
Me: *punches child in lips* Now they hurt worse! Do not misquote or overquote my love! *continues to hit child*
by Nyaaaaa! April 17, 2005
By far the shittiest film ever to become so popular. Utterly shitty. So shitty that I wanted to cry. I can't understand why people liked it and not the 100 movies/shows/internet shorts that come out every month with the exact same type of fucking stupid humor. On top of all that it was slow paced and boring. see shit
Damn! This movie blows donkey cock! I'm not watching another minute of this shit! I wish Napoleon would open his damn eyes, that squinting bastard! If that fucking kid makes another film I'll hunt him down, eat his brain, and use his lifeless body for pre-med anatomical studies!
by Hanz Von Steiner March 25, 2005
The most attractive looking nerd with a neat looking afro...yet, not the most attractive (low-budget) movie ever.

It had some funny parts, but there was no progression in the storyline, and there was rarely any background music.

Oh yeah, he is also a Mormon.
Napoleon is a Mormon.
by Cyndane February 25, 2005
This was one of the best movies I've seen in a very very very long time! I saw it 6 times, and I even stayed at a hotel a night just to rent it off pay-per-view. It was sooo stupid... which made it awesome, and its really well done if you really think about it! I really cannot wait till comes out on DVD!
Tina! You fat lard come get some ham!

Napoleon: Grandma says she wants you gone when she gets back because you're eating all our steak and ruining peoples lives.

Grandma has a BOYFRIEND?!
by Gabriella C. December 05, 2004
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