The best movie EVAR. 'Nuff said. Anyone that doesn't like it is just retarded
You guys are retarded!
by Blahb January 29, 2005
Plain and Simple: God
I have gone to the better place and exchanged words with Napoleon Dynamite. He told me D-Qwon's Dance Grooves will become the best selling DVD of all time and that Ligers will frollic in the meadows of Nebraska.
by Thom September 03, 2004
One of the worst low budget movies ever made... The guys in the movie tried way to hard to be funny and they were not funny at all....
Instead of seeing Napoleon Dynamite, see Donnie Darko. NOw thats a good low budget movie ;)
by Kenny December 31, 2004
a good movie that isnt funny after the second time that has absoutley no plot
"Tina you fat lard! Come and eat!"
"Aww but my lips hurt real bad!"
by comment January 13, 2005
the best flippin movie EVER gosh u frickin idiots u gotta c it if not im gonna get the butt load of gangz in my school ta kick ur tots cuz they're pretty good with a bow staff GOSH
napoleon dynamite iz da sexiest nerd in da world IDIOTS ima rape him in his face
by UR MOTHER'S NOSE February 10, 2005
Some stupid shit fuck ass Faggot.
Hey Napoleon Dynamite. What. Ur some Stupid shit fuck ass Faggot.
by weed69 May 14, 2015
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