A certain kind of despondence towards politics and social issues that results in heavy day sleeping.
Ugh, I heard that Planned Parenthood got it's funding stripped for providing abortions when it is illegal for the organization to do so with federal money, so I passed out on my couch. I'm suffering some serious napathy.
by Prof. Sean XVX, PhD. April 15, 2011
Top Definition
The combination of not giving a fuck and keeping it real that results in a state of coolness associated with the black community.

Napathy was first made popular in the 1970's when black people no longer had to pretend to be white. It is a lifestyle, attitude, and state of being that can not be stifled by The Man.
Samuel L. Jackson's napathy knows no bounds.
by Pierreski's June 16, 2011
Napathy (noun): Apathy resulting from lack of naps.
Work started off alright, but around 2:30 the napathy started kicking in and all I could do is think about sleeping on my keyboard.
by ToastedZergling2 November 18, 2008
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