A very attractive female. Loves helping others. Very sweet, loyal and caring, but can sometimes be sensitive and kind of bitchy. Loves her friends. Sometimes has a low self esteem. Usually has the most beautiful eyes and hair you've ever seen. If you get into a relationship with a Naomi, DO NOT LET HER GO. It'll probably end up being a huge mistake.
Guy 1: So you know that girl Naomi from the other night?

Guy 2: Yeah man she's hella fine. What about her?

Guy 1: I kinda like her and I think she likes me back.

Guy 2: Go for it, you'll probably never get another chance.
by IlluzionZ_YT March 06, 2016
Usually found with brown hair.
Naomi is an awesome friend, but if something doesn't go her way she transforms into a giant cry baby.
Often a very good liar and willing to use this deceitful trait to get what she wants no matter the consequences for others around her.
Look at that girl having a tantrum. She must be a Naomi.
by supersauce February 07, 2015
Naomi is a true aspiring hipster pirate wench. She is fairly flexible and really does have awesome friends. Naomi also likes ties and you know you'll get lucky if she asks you your weight. She is extremely blunt and zany.
Dude 1: Dude, let's hang out with Nao-may, our favorite pirate wench! Maybe we can do aerobics!

Dude 2:Dude, yes I love Naomi! Maybe she will ask me how much I weigh!!
by de.to December 30, 2011
A bitch that has ugly brown hair and dances but not very well. Wears glasses but looks stupid without them. Hangs out with boys and thinks they like her, when they really think she's hell ugly. If you meet a naomi, run for the hills!
Boy 1: omg, see naomi over there?
Boy 2: yeah, she's so friggin' ugly it's unbelievable.
Boy 1: yeah, let's leave before she talks to us.
by LEELEEPOP May 14, 2015
a short and chubby girl who does not find it hard to make friends, but finds it hard to keep them. she can be loyal sometimes but hardly ever. Naomi has a problem keeping promises and has quite a rash mean streak in her. she will stab you in the back and never be on the losing side of an argument.
"Naomi's not the prettiest but she looks like she could boss the pants off anyone"
by Loooolz, soo true! October 30, 2013
a wonderful person that lives in bakersfield, cali.
her best friends are samantha, nicole, & heather.
you should be jealous of there friendship.
dont take her for granted.
dont screw up things with her so much to where you wont hve her to come back to.
if you think she gonna give it up to you easy.
you couldnt be anymore wrong.
she forgives but never forgets.
she loves taco bell and chapstick.<3

dont screw things up with naomi.
by naomiayo August 25, 2007
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