a very pretty girl who is a good dancer and very flexible. usually has dirty blonde hair. very nice but can turn her back on you at times. a true friend though. very funny and crazy. can obsess over things at times but still is amazing.
Bradley: i want naomi to do the splits for me.
by airplanes34 June 20, 2010
The best girl you will ever meet :') She's so mistaken and gets upset easily. Naomi stands for beauty and creativity. Also known as Nigel to her friends. Doesn't care what people say :)
Person 1 : Naomi! I hate you
Naomi: Ok :)
by NatM78 October 17, 2011
A really nice girl who gets tons of guys! She can have a low selfesteem and some times be self-centerd!
Random dude: Wow that girl is hot! Whats her name?
Random dude 2: Oh! Thats Naomi!
by NinjaNayNay August 18, 2011
The name of people who's parents wanted to warn future boyfriends due to her name backwards being "I Moan"
Person A: Isn't that girls name Naomi?
Person B: Yeah, her parents must have known
by fanjelina May 15, 2014
Naomi is really good at being turnt up. She likes people like herself... Chunky! She is hotter than all o yall. Naomi is a thug. Amen.
Ooohh look at that Naomi
by Laquiquipha December 30, 2013
The Moon.
Look the it's a full Naomi tonight.
by ShibakuTensei October 23, 2011
Naomi is a girl name. Naomi's are normally shy at first when talking to people but once you get to know her she won't shut up. She loves to pull pranks and finds everything funny. She has a wild imagination and sometimes can be quite sensetive. She is gorgeous and has many friends. She hides a million secrets and is cunning and sly. She is an animal lover and will do anything just to stop somebody from killing an innocent little spider. She has a strict taste in what music and what sort of boys she likes. She is beautiful and smart and is a fast Runner. She is the sweetest girl you will meet and you can tell her anything.
Boy 1: Isn't Naomi a fast runner?
Boy 2: duh yes!

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