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Female name - 1) beautiful inside and out; 2) secretly envied by some, adored by many; 3) a woman of substance; 4) a force to be reckoned with; 5) highly intelligent
That girl next door Naomi - what a darling, what a beauty. Lucky is the man she ended up with and lucky are those kids they are blessed with.
by twiNks MD February 04, 2010
19 5
The best girl you will ever meet :') She's so mistaken and gets upset easily. Naomi stands for beauty and creativity. Also known as Nigel to her friends. Doesn't care what people say :)
Person 1 : Naomi! I hate you
Naomi: Ok :)
by NatM78 October 17, 2011
28 18
Naomi is really good at being turnt up. She likes people like herself... Chunky! She is hotter than all o yall. Naomi is a thug. Amen.
Ooohh look at that Naomi
by Laquiquipha December 30, 2013
2 5
The Moon.
Look the it's a full Naomi tonight.
by ShibakuTensei October 23, 2011
21 24
A really nice girl who gets tons of guys! She can have a low selfesteem and some times be self-centerd!
Random dude: Wow that girl is hot! Whats her name?
Random dude 2: Oh! Thats Naomi!
by NinjaNayNay August 18, 2011
26 32
a short and chubby girl who does not find it hard to make friends, but finds it hard to keep them. she can be loyal sometimes but hardly ever. Naomi has a problem keeping promises and has quite a rash mean streak in her. she will stab you in the back and never be on the losing side of an argument.
"Naomi's not the prettiest but she looks like she could boss the pants off anyone"
by Loooolz, soo true! October 30, 2013
3 14
Naomi is a bitch who needs to mind what she says because she will otherwise get into trouble, she lies about almost everything and is really attention seeking. She posts too much on social networks and this upsets people. She thinks she is better than anyone else and she can't sing, or draw. She looks pretty in pictures but not in real life, and she is really childish. She has hurt many people and is very manipulative. She is known for being horrible and is a vile person.
Do you know Naomi
The cow?
I hate her she is horrible
I know, everyone hates her
by User567892 November 26, 2013
2 17