The Girl That Is Fucking Sweet And Loving ! She Will Always Make Yu Happy Whenevr Yu Are Madd Or Sadd ! She Will Complete You And Love You Everyday 24/7 ! She Will Be Nice And Loving If You Are Nice And Loving To Her Back ! She Is Very Funny And Sexii !!!!! Ahh She Is Daring And Will Tell You Everything :D
Naomi Is Very Sweet And I Will Always Love Her <3 .
by itsmevietboi September 01, 2010
A small but georgous female. Has so many friends and flexible. Has amazing hair and an awsome personality to go along with it. Normally an amazing friend who is always there for you. Always has to choose between extreamly hot guys.
When you get more than 10 likes on facebook you feel like Naomi Hollas.
by cecky April 27, 2011
This is a woman, you can trust, extremely smart. She will give you all of her heart IF you are lucky! A Naomi is strong, funny...normally very much creatures of habit. She is spiritual in part due to her name being in the bible. You can go to her for great advice on just about anything....she can be honest to a fault. If you ask her opinion she will give it to you! They say Naomi women are intuitive. She has an inner and outer sexiness about her...and if you get a Naomi in her mid-to late 30's and older...she will be the best loving partner you will ever have--something about how she learns and takes that with her--not afraid to try things. She gives as good as she gets and then some!

She is extremely loyal to all her friends and to her partner in life. One of the most caring, sweet, hard working, honest women you will ever meet will be a Naomi. If you can get one....KEEP HER!! She is the kind of girl you take to meet your parents--she is the marrying kind.
Naomi is a fantastic kind of girl.
by Richchriscor4u July 19, 2013
the sexiest girl you will ever meet...she gets all the guys....normally brunette. Might be a tad slaggy but in an awesome way. she is pretty dirty mined and has lots of guy friends. she loves to party but can think she looks worse than she actually does. she loves her friends. Could have a future with a male named samuel/jack. Has amazing friends, might include katie/ maisy. she loves her friends to bit x
guy 1: damn, u see naomi last night?
guy 2: yeh we got proper wasted...
guy 1:heard from someone that she thought she looked aweful. can u believe it??
guy 2: u fuckin kiddin? i was about to ask her back to my place!
by lisa334 November 12, 2010
The funniest person you will ever meet, she is kind, energetic and really pretty. She doesn't have a high opinion of herself but everything she does seems to be amazing anyway. Naomi makes you feel more elegant just by being around her because of her radiant attitude and beauty. Whenever you are around her the whole world seems better, and she is surprising so you will never get bored of her company!
Random person 1: Wow, I suddenly feel happier and more lively!
Random person 2: Naomi just walked into the room.
Random guy: She's beautiful...
by Jimmy bob banananananana June 25, 2013
A sexy beast with an ass like no other. she will complete you and fucking love you 24/7. she is like no other she is the craziest, dopest, funny, and sexiest person on EARTH
Damn i love that Naomi
That girl is a Naomi
by barbiebitchh_09091 November 03, 2011
Female name - 1) beautiful inside and out; 2) secretly envied by some, adored by many; 3) a woman of substance; 4) a force to be reckoned with; 5) highly intelligent
That girl next door Naomi - what a darling, what a beauty. Lucky is the man she ended up with and lucky are those kids they are blessed with.
by twiNks MD February 04, 2010
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