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A very well "stacked" or endowed woman or person.

A creamy desert filled with all the delicious varieties of Boobs, or breasts. Various ingredients make a great Nanner Pie, like; Ta Ta's, Jugs, Hershey Kisses, Bazoombas, Hooters, Knockers, Flappers, Dolly Partons, Titties, Nips, Hairy Areolas, Melons, Big Boys, Twins, Cans, Balloons, Titties, etc. Men and women a go crazy for Nanner Pie fresh from the oven or even a day old!

Like hair pie, or pussy pie.
"Did you see the chest on that girl? She's really been baking Nanner Pie!"

"Man I am so horny, I can't wait to get home and eat some of Cheryl's Nanner Pie"

"Wow! This Nanner Pie is delicious! Did you bake it yourself?"
by Jer Berr Jones January 25, 2010