An irrational, bug-eyed liberal congresswoman whose IQ rivals that of the mildly retarded. Pelosi is frequently seen on TV jabbering non-sensically with a dazed expression on her face.
Nancy Pelosi has the intellectual capacity of a potted plant.
by Mathias Fartnokker August 24, 2006
Member of Congress from California who became America's first female Speaker of the House when the Democrats took control of Congress after the 2006 election, the Republicans regained control of Congress in the 2010 election and John Boehner became the new House Speaker, Pelosi continues to serve in Congress as minority leader
As Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi helped push through many key priorities of the Obama Administration including the controversial healthcare reform plan and economic stimulus.
by Mr.Juan-derful January 22, 2011
As of January 2007, the first female Speaker of the House. Elected in November 2006 when Democrats took control of the House and Senate. She has led the House Democrats since 2002.

She is a fairly strong liberal, earning a 100% rating from the American Civil Liberties Union, a liberal group, and a score of 3% from the American Conservative Union.

A brief characterization of her political positions:

- Favors implementing the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission
- Voted against the Iraq war
- Opposes drilling in ANWR
- Supports increasing the minimum wage
- Supports increasing Medicare and Medicaid benefits
- Pro-choice
- Opposes amending the constitution to prohibit gay marriage
- Opposes amending the constitution to prohibit flag burning

More details about her can be found on Wikipedia, or her official site,
This is a neutral definition of Nancy Pelosi. It tells people more actual information than a rant from someone who supports or opposes her.
by adeb November 14, 2006
The first woman speaker of the house - this is unfortunate for women everywhere as she is a Baltimore mafia-princess turned poser-socialist whose 'historic congress' has an 11% approval rating. nancy is a puppet of george soros funded groups such as as well as a political whore for the islamo-nazis.
nancy pelosi is the definition of a useful idiot; she has had so many face-lifts you could bounce a quarter off her cheeks
by Big Fat Daddy October 08, 2007
The current ultra-socialist, left wing lunatic, whore of a speaker of the house for the US House of Representatives. Speaker Pelosi's eyes are so big they protrude through people who don't agree with her left wing politics. She left an affluent upbringing in Baltimore to join her liberal pals in the Democratic Republic of California...capitol: San Francisco. She panders on a daily basis to her liberal supporters and expects all other democratic politicians to do the same (if they don't she kills them with her eyes)!
WOW! You are more socialist than Nancy Pelosi. (If are pissed with Nancy Pelosi, just type up a definition for her in Urban Dictionary, and you will feel better! I do!)
by I'll protect you! March 19, 2009
Speaker of the House elected in 2006, total "c u Next Tuesday" who told the majority of Democratic voters, the ones who elected Sen. Clinton. She decided she'd rather be Sen. Broke Bammalammadingdong's beyotch.
I used to like that beyotch Nancy Pelosi Bella Legosi until that "c u Next Tuesday" sold out the party. Thank God for the PUMAs!
by PUMA Dave July 10, 2008
meaning cunt
Dude, my girlfriend cheated on me with my cousin. What a Nancy Pelosi.
by Maxl Rose May 01, 2013

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