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The act of being the umteenth person to use this sequence of first/last naming for someone who is doing something. It can be used as a way to take something positive and make it seem like the butt of a joke (ex. #1)Often this is a vain and low intellect attempt at taking back some pride after being made jealous or being shown up(ex. #2). A guaranteed laugh for all with IQ's sub 100. Definition barely adequate explanation, see example.
Todd: Yeah, I own a porsche, and I'm a doctor.
Me: OK there, Porschy McDoctorstein.

Todd: Well your girlfriend saw fit to have sex with me because I'm a doctor in a Porsche.
Me: OK, Girlfriendy McPorscheDoctorstein.
(Mike's friends laugh, Mike goes home and falls asleep crying.)
by Michael Daflos April 07, 2005
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