The opposite of Rambo. Rambo is the tough guy - NambO is the modern day weakling (not just physically but emotionally) relying on the system and everyone else, always whinging and never happy, incapable of creating his own happiness. Derived from combining Namby-Pamby and Rambo. The word is spelt with a capital N and O at each end - the amb in the middle being "another mommy's boy".
Look at that Sook over there, someone took his place in the line and he is throwing a tantrum (because he isn't together enough to just ignore it and not tough enough to make his point any other way) he's a friggin' NambO.

My friend rang me today to complain about his partner treating him wrong, his Boss is coming down on him at work and he thinks life might be just too hard. He is thinking about getting counselling. He's turned into a real NambO.

by Paul Nickson June 06, 2007
Top Definition
Stems from the word "Nammer"
Nambo means a nammer in a kick ass ride; the ride usally attained by getting their kids to sell their grow op weed to other kids at school. A nambo will have a dope ass ride; however when jumping out of their SUVs, you will see buddy having a terrible sense of fashion. A nambo will usually answer "small...maybe medium" when the salesperson ask what size Nike Shox they want.
Check out that Nambo in the Gallardo pulling up to Pho Bich Nga...He must be hungry from streching his neck to look over the dash board all day.
by Gam Sac January 31, 2007

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