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A term used to describe a super-smart yet, handsome person. Usually asian. Nam's are usually popular hence their name meaning "vietnam" and everyone knows that vietnam is the dominant country. Nams' have the same life story which include babes, constant improvement in academic performances, social awkwardness, and caring acquaintances. Nams are also used to describe the most popular person in the group (usually asian), a person with a humongous cock, the 'fucking shit', something you would name your penis, etc etc.. I could go on and on how much Nams' own. OH and Nams' are also the ancient rulers of the Argonauts.
Chris: No! Chell is from PORTAL It's NOT a gas station.

Tommy: Wow stupid. Chell is obviously a gas station.

Nam Vo: Sorry guise but... I just lost the game so both of your arguments are invalid.

Everyone: *Facepalm
by SteveDidntFreakingSay January 04, 2010
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