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1. An angelic girl who can be seen as perfect in all ways, even though she'll never admit it. She is very beautiful, but remains in denial about her looks, even though she looks amazing even at the worst of times. She has an amazing personality which matches her ravishing body. She has a great love of food (especially pizza) and a good sense of humor. A day with Nalinie is never wasted, and when you experience this you will realize that nothing else can ever be as fulfilling. From the point you meet and fall in love with her you will know you want to be with her for the rest of your life.

2. An amazing person, not likely to ever leave your thoughts nor your heart, always to the be the only one on your mind. Unbelievably beautiful, nice, smart, caring, and all-around great . Her eyes gleam with a radiance of a thousand stars, her lips draw you in, like magnets, her love is like life, without it, you surely cannot live.

She's hotter than the sun! Sweeter than sugar. Cooler than Ice. She's very smart and cute. She has a drop dead gorgeous smile and enticing eyes that are more beautiful than the midnight glimmer of the moon . She's like a drug, you'd become addicted to her! If you fall in love with her you won't be able to stop.
Dude 1 : Who is that enticing woman over there ?

Dude 2 : That is Nalinie ,she is known to be the sexiest person to have walked on this planet. Some say that she is an angel sent from heaven.

Dude 1 : That explains how she brings heaven on earth.
by Cupcke27 October 15, 2013
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