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A extremely cute girl. Najat's are usually very smart and unique. Usually have light brown eyes and a striking personality which makes them beautiful. Najat's are also very funny which is why people love them.
Guy: "She's so beautiful anyone would be lucky to have her!"
Friend: "Yeah, she's totally a Najat!"
by secretiveA November 26, 2011
An arabic word; means salvation, rescue, or saving; to save from harm; to deliver from danger; to free from risk.
It can also be used as a female name; represents a person that wants everything to be done perfectly, hates mistakes but can forgive easily. Loves arts and designs. Can turn out to be very helpfull in the society.
Did you ask for Najat ?

What the Najat are you doing ?
by Mimo02 February 05, 2010
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