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1.Being the Nature Boy

2.Being a stylin and profilin, jet flyin, limousine ridin, always bleedin, wheelin dealin, kiss stealin, women squealen, son of a gun!

3.Being able to woooooooooooooooooo like no one else on earth

4. Being the MAN

5. Being Space mountain, girls.

6. Makin Harley Race "Bleed all night long"

7. Being the greatest wrestler to ever lace on the boots.

8. Being the 16 time champion of the world.
Ric Flair at his hall of fame induction ceremony tearfully told his wife that he was a good boy now, that he was through "Naitchin'!"
by Jeffroe Naturboy99 Walker Woo March 31, 2008
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