A violent sexual act
"Dude, I nailed Sally so hard last night!"
by Anonaaa February 13, 2008
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To have sex with, especially spontanously and/or with great passion/force.
I nailed her out of the blue last night.
by Ben September 29, 2003
Having completed a task with great accuracy.
"A+! I nailed that test."
"I threw the rock and, nailed that guy between the eyes!"
by Ransom June 17, 2003
to lose a artificial fingernail in ones ass cave
her nail came off in my ass when she was blowing me; she nailed me
by pat beer December 23, 2009
to get completely shit-faced; black out.
"dude i have the worst hangover, i got so nailed last night."
by hfen3u383c August 03, 2012
To get beat up; to lose a fight big time.
To get owned.
Did you see that fight? Jason just got NAILED!
by you-suck September 25, 2009
What happened to Tom when he listened to matt and looked in the dictionary to see if the word gullible was there ;)
Synonym of noobed, owned, pwned, etc
Matt: "hey tom, you know the word gullible isnt in the dictionary?"
Tom: "No way! Its gotta be! Let me check..."
*sound of dictionary pages*
Tom: "Wait a second..."
Matt: "Aha! Youe were nailed :D"
by The n00binator September 01, 2006

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