Usualy a waist of time, but if you have alot of time on your hands, you might as well....
Wow. I like this nail polish. I'm ganna waste my time, painting my nails, While i could be going on the computer instead!
by Your_Worst_Nightmare May 02, 2006
1) Marijuana, Pot.

2) Stuff you use to paint your nails. Can be clear or colored.
1) She been smokin' nail polish!

2) Dude, that nail polish is so pretty.
by ElvisLives200 September 03, 2005
Disgusting coloured paint shit that insane chicks put on their nails, because for some bizzare reason, they think it makes them look good. Goth chicks also use it, usually black or bright red, to look "hard core"...very lame, and poor confused old ladies who think that red nails are still all the rage.
shangus: OMG!!! Is that FLURO PINK nailpolish?! where did u get it?!
Barbie doll: haha! Oh. My. God, it was like, totally the last one!! I got it from like, that posh like, jewlery store that like sells like, jewlery.
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