"New Age Hippie". . . these people who buy organic crap, yell at people who pollute, smoke, eat meat, etc. . . and then collect their "feelings" together and puts it on a LiveJournal so they can prove to their friends that they are deep and enlightened.
Look at this fucker crying about his sick guinea pig on his LiveJournal. Let's go pound that NAH.
by Joe K. April 14, 2005
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In the greater part of Canada (In Winnipeg, Manitoba aka Nateville, to be more specific), this is a term of exclamation, dismay, agreeance or just general apathy utilized by many of the native populace.
Tim Horton's Worker: "Hi! Which donuts did you want?"
Nate #1: "Glazed, sprinkles... or... chocolate..? Nahhhhh, just plain glazed. Nahhhhh."
by Da' littlest BN March 15, 2008
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Two meanings, can be used as no and know.
When is your mams birthday?
I divn nah I dont know

Are you going out tonight?
nah no
by Sarah*L* September 27, 2005
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(pronounced: "Nyah")

slang, translated as "now..." or as in "NOW, what?!?!?" (are you going to do, about it), used in a sentence, for a forced, statement of definite arbitration, to drive a point, home.
"I don't care what the judges said, I won- ..nah!"
by OPX4026 September 17, 2009
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Can be used as a statement of refusal or can stand for nasty as hell.
"You see that girl over there? Shes effin NAH "
by Consuela la Plata December 27, 2007
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NAH is the most annoying sound that can come outta a guys mouth, its s000 damm gay.
teacher:Bryce, it seems like u cant concentrate, go sit over there by the wall.

Bryce: NAH!.

People in room: WE gotta kill that motherfu**** faGG
by NAH March 06, 2005
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a slang word for male genitalia
she touched my nah, it felt nice. it made me giggle
by seejohnrun September 27, 2007
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