Non-Apple Hardware
I really wish Apple would scare the stock value out of Microsoft by simply pursuing OS X "availability" on NAH.
by Unspellable July 15, 2009
In the greater part of Canada (In Winnipeg, Manitoba aka Nateville, to be more specific), this is a term of exclamation, dismay, agreeance or just general apathy utilized by many of the native populace.
Tim Horton's Worker: "Hi! Which donuts did you want?"
Nate #1: "Glazed, sprinkles... or... chocolate..? Nahhhhh, just plain glazed. Nahhhhh."
by Da' littlest BN March 15, 2008
"New Age Hippie". . . these people who buy organic crap, yell at people who pollute, smoke, eat meat, etc. . . and then collect their "feelings" together and puts it on a LiveJournal so they can prove to their friends that they are deep and enlightened.
Look at this fucker crying about his sick guinea pig on his LiveJournal. Let's go pound that NAH.
by Joe K. April 14, 2005
Someone who makes up stories or greatly exaggerates himself to look better to others. Also used to describe people who are extremely loud, arrogant, fake, wannabes, stupid, or eccentric... Coined from the actions of Rich Guitierrez who would make things up about his life and when one could prove him wrong, his first word was "Nah..."
Dennis Rodman is so nah.
by socitytable September 25, 2003
'No', except how surfers prefer to say it.
Nah, fool, nah.

Nah fool, your mom is Hitler.
by dude December 04, 2002
a retarded person.named for the sound that retarded people make.nye-aah
look at bilo picking his nose and eating it.he is such a nah.
by mr poopy pants November 02, 2007
Nah word used buy townies and pikies becuase they are unable to pronounce the word "No" not sure why not they just can't.
"Alwight mate"
"Nah ima Fuckin townie and everybody finks im a twat!"
by Dan H December 04, 2003

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