A guy who you like the thought of and seems pleasant but has a horrible horrible personality.
I was checking out a cute guy at the mall until we started talking and I realized he was a Nah.
by crazymazy January 30, 2015
Used when "no" is too formal, and "nope" is too casual.

If it's ever capitilized, you're using it wrong.
Police: "Did you kill this man?!"
Me: nah
by ICantThinkOfAUsername June 29, 2015
"Nah" alternative way to say "no".
Richard Wheby: you want to play some zombies?
Chris Williams: nah it always ends in bullshit
by Chris "Clyde" Williams March 23, 2016
Adding impression on a topic

Instead of saying "no" the common word is "nah"
Guy 1 : so i met this girl at a party , we were so turnt up

Guy 2 : is she cute ?

Guy 1 : hold on let me show you

Guy 2 : ok

Guy 1 : is she pretty or nah ?

Guy 2 : nahh
by Cookiedough22 December 07, 2013
a response to a question or statement that means..."hell no" or "definately not". its direct meaning is No. but is added with a little tone making the person who said the statment feel stupid or embarressed. the way to pronounce this word is simple... simply say nah like you would say "Nay" but add the aa sound like in apple.
aaron- yo check out the Raw Nike's!!!! there madd fresh son. aint they hot?

danyo- Nah??

graham- yo im comin over to aarons house and im gonna fuck ur cousin...

danyo- Nah??
by Big DoggWW January 01, 2008
Northampton Area High School. Located in Northampton (shithole), PA.
Dude, you go to NAHS?....Wow, that sucks.
by suckxit May 25, 2009
New Albany High School; first high school in Indiana
Home of the Bulldogs
first student-run FM radio station (88.1), established in 1853
Mike Sodrel is a famous alumni of NAHS.
by bulldoghouse December 30, 2009
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