Non-Apple Hardware
I really wish Apple would scare the stock value out of Microsoft by simply pursuing OS X "availability" on NAH.
by Unspellable July 15, 2009
A Word To Express Many Different Emotions. Any Emotion Really. Such As: Anger, Sadness, Shock And Even Confusion.
Malia! I hit my fooot!! NAHHHHH
NAH my gramma died :(
Christopher Drew! NAHHH!!
My mother: Huh? Malia: NAH!!!???
by ThisBeMandi May 12, 2011
What you say when someone says something dumb.
"Nah man, Nah"
by Nad Ragaz January 30, 2004
A geordie (Newcastle) word for know.
I don't know

"I divint nah"
by Simon December 14, 2004
Can be used as a statement of refusal or can stand for nasty as hell.
"You see that girl over there? Shes effin NAH "
by Consuela la Plata December 27, 2007
Two meanings, can be used as no and know.
When is your mams birthday?
I divn nah I dont know

Are you going out tonight?
nah no
by Sarah*L* September 27, 2005
nah - a different word for no. usually followed by mate.
have you done your homework? Nah mate trust i aint done it!
by rudeboy March 16, 2005
(pronounced: "Nyah")

slang, translated as "now..." or as in "NOW, what?!?!?" (are you going to do, about it), used in a sentence, for a forced, statement of definite arbitration, to drive a point, home.
"I don't care what the judges said, I won- ..nah!"
by OPX4026 September 17, 2009

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