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Slang for somthing which is unpleastant or boring

Originates from term used in the 60's. Naff = Not Avalable For Fucking
That is well naff!
by Reecelitchy14 January 01, 2009
23 24
British for "not at all funny"
God these Hallmark cards are all just naff
by yomealy March 01, 2009
6 20
Sucky. Crap. Plato would say it is something very low from its ideal form.
That car is so naff, it doesn't have a reverse and it backfires.
by Bubba Zanetti April 05, 2005
18 35
adj. Not very good, but not bad enough to warrant a passionate dismissal.
The White Horse mate, nah it's naff - you wanna get yourself down the King's Arms - full of totty on a Friday night
by Shevek September 22, 2002
27 45

1) Of poor quality, useless

2) Unfashionable
"You just sit there and vegetate! Naff!
by Daisy May 12, 2005
28 49
junk, not good enough, crap
u piece of naff
by peter pan August 21, 2003
14 40
Nothing in a deragatory way.
You've brought naff all to this discussion.
by Tosher February 10, 2002
10 40
An extremely abstract person that doesn't have respect for a words orignal purpose.
Man, that girl over there, she's such a Naff.
by Naff May 29, 2005
31 66