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A person who thinks he's godly when in actual fact he's nothing but a mere mortal, but nevertheless perfect.
Dodo: I hear that Connie owns Nafan
by CN31072011 October 23, 2011
The perfect nickname , for Nathan , also known as Nate.
This guy is so amazing and will always treat you right !

A Nafan is 100% perfect for an Emma , Also known as a boo .

A Nafan can be trusted with anything , and though he is thought to be a player , he is the complete opposite ! :)

Everyone likes Nafan .
Girl : woah did you see Nafan ?
Girl 2 : Hell yes I did , hes so amazing !

Girl : I'd like Nafan to be mine ! Too bad hes with boo !
Girl 2 : I thought he was a player !

Girl : That is untrue , Nafan is the complete opposite all the guys are jealous
by pl@y@h8R July 08, 2011
hay hay hay nafan look at this , hay nafan look at this nafan nafan look at this ,
nafan brother of some dickhead who was in big W/ walmart asking hes dickhead brother too look at this toy at the time
by nafan bigw boy October 29, 2010