A "princess," particularly one raised in a wealthy suburb of a major American city.
She ain't nothing but a Westchester Nadia.
by smintus November 29, 2007
Nadia is the meaning of hope and is a smart,sexy,hot,and beautiful and sweet girl. She may not have a lot of friends or be liked but she has her dream's where she can escape to. Joseph is the meaning of dream's such as this two would go great together.

"dream's become hope's in the future."
by cinderella October 09, 2014
Nadia is a beautiful place. Colored grass, flavored rain. You even have your own super sexy watch that you can use to activate something us Nadian's like to call the 'Ice Switch'. This switch pretty much turns the ground underneath you into ice so you can skate freely and openly throughout the world. There are also store everywhere, one in particular in fact: Victoria's Secret. Everything's free of course because spending money is super lame. Everything is so superbly awesome in Nadia. But no ones allowed there except Shani and Kevin so you can all fuck off.
Person 1: I'm so jealous of Kevin and Shani. They get to go to Nadia.

Person 2: Yeah I know. I must be so cool there!
by Kevin is Awesome August 01, 2013
Queen B, Prima Donna in the making, top slut
'Woah, look at her! She's a real Nadia in the making!'

'Look at that fabulous Nadia over there!'
by jelybeanelf July 23, 2014
No Idea
Commonly used in South Africa.
Can be used in Different speech situations such as if asked

Question:" Where are you going?"
Reply could be : "Nadia"


Question: "What is her name?"
Replay; "Nadia"


Question:"Who where you with last night?"
Answer: "Nadia"


Question: What did you eat last night or what do you want to eat?"
Answer: :"Nadia"
by Behelzibub & Enigma969 October 20, 2011
A girl that is never happy with anything. Nadia's often have fantastic boyfriends and awesome friends but always complain about what they don't have, usually via annoyingly vague Facebook statuses. Nadia's often act kind of slutty and mean to most people she doesn't know well. It is a little-known fact that Nadia's are actually very kind, nice people at heart, and that they act bitchy to mask the pain they feel. If you find a Nadia, stick by her because it'll be worth it when she trusts you enough to be herself.
1: Do you think Nadia is hot?
2: Nahh, she isn't. She's such a slutty bitch.
1: She kind of is, isn't she.
3: HEY! You guys don't even know her so shut the fuck up about her. She's actually really nice and really insecure.

Typical Nadia status's:
1. OMG I hate my lifeeee!
2. Just so over everything.
3. My life is so bad.
4. Why do bad things happen to me??
5. I hate everyone.
6. No one cares about me ever.
by Whatagirlllll March 23, 2013
Ghetto Booty, lots of junk in the trunk.
wow! look at the Nadia on that shawty!
by Asiram_Dnalraw January 13, 2010
The meaning of Nadia is the hole of the buttocks. Historians have recently discovered it while studying the history of Indians detoxing period. This can also be found on the life shattering Indian Dictionary.
After using the bathroom you have to wipe your Nadia.
by pseudonymmmmmbruh April 24, 2014

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