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A Spanish tennis player who was unluckily born in the age of Federer, if he had been born any time befor Federer he would've dominated tennis. Sadly for him he just #2 after Roger.
Nadal is almost the best, but not quite there.
by Martin Luther King Junior November 28, 2007
Also known as Rafael Nadal, or "Rafa" from spain, the only current player (currently world #2) who can competitively play against Roger Federer, the current world number 1. One of the most enthusiastic players on tour, is famed for:
-putting 100% effort into every point and fighting every match to the death.
-winning two consecutive French Open titles, 2005 and 2006
-being Federer's nemesis: he is 6-2 lifetime against the Rog
-one of the only spanish tennis players to be able to play well on surfaces (hard court, grass) other than clay
-being polite
Go Nadal! Rafa is the best!
by XeL July 10, 2006