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An old boxer who is past his prime who refuses to retire no matter how many times he gets his ass kicked. Aka Rocky
I went to the fight last night and saw a Nacho Puncher. It got ugly.
by bearsnake September 11, 2013
When a dude during same sex intercourse, proceeds to aggressively lick off the cheesy like substance in between the other man's ball sack and asshole. (This substance is referred to as smegma.) Then spits it in his face and yells nacho cheese while pulling violently on his penis.
Guy 1: Wow, I am so sore from last night.
Guy 2: Ya, we Nacho Punched for hours.

Guy 1: We should try the Nacho Puncher.
Guy 2: Sure, I heard it was great at extending your penis.
by Rogue And N.A.S.A December 11, 2010