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Reaching into a plate of shared nachos, pulling out a large clump of nachos stuck together by toppings and using your other hand to separate them and put back part of the clumped together nachos.
Friend1, reaches in to get some nachos from a shared bowl and pulls out large clumped up pile. Then proceeds to take his other hand and begins to separate them and put some back.

Friend2 "DUDE! What the fuck are you doin?!

Friend1 "I didn't want to take that huge chunk of nachos so I broke it off and put some back.

Friend2 "Nacho faux pas my friend! You NEVER take your hand and break off the nacho holy grail and put some back! 1st nobody wants to eat something you touched with the fingers you've been licking nachoy goodness off of and 2nd, when you get the nacho holy grail you never forsake it by putting it back! You grab your plate and scoop those fuckers up! You earned it!
by RichardSlinger August 13, 2011
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