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A snack cracker made and distributed by the company "Nabisco", nothing more. Some use it as an insult, but they seem literally challenged. See urbandicks for more information on these people.
Nabisco crackers are a fun snack, especially at parties.
by minari-naga March 24, 2005
A white person who works at Nabisco.
"I am a cracker and I make crackers."
by sajor March 04, 2005
A phrase that, in certain rings, is substituted for Son of a Bitch.
"Ryan is such a Nabisco Cracker"
"What stupid nabisco crackers."
or just
"Nabisco Cracker"
by Zorak Brak December 02, 2003
A really cool guy
"Benny is so cool; he's a Nabisco cracker."
by Ken Campbell April 16, 2004
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