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One of the two best goalies in the NHL. Evegeni Nabokov is fuckin awesome! He's got skills and range to block almost anything that is shot at him. GO SHARKS!!!!
Did you see Nabby make that incredible save?
by Jim Wood December 01, 2006
a blood word for nasty!
L. - DAMN YU're broddy be fuxxing them nabby beezies
P. - what can i say he likes them whores
by baddxbxtchxdopey August 06, 2010
An all sports camp with awesome people, swimming that tires you,wallball,running bases,soccer,wiffle ball,dodgeball,tennis,baseball,hockey, and rarely kickball.
Camp Nabby is so so so so so so so so cool.
by nabbyfreak02 August 29, 2009
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