New York. The beauty of New Tork is that it doesn't matter what race, creed colour or species you are, there's always a scam.
none needed.
by Colette April 11, 2004
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*1*stands fo' New york
*2*Newyork Yankee's
*3*the hottest hat to be reppin'
*4*east coast
Yo man where ya from Ny
man i got a killa Ny hat!
by 5prinCe5 April 03, 2005
1: New York

2: norwegian word for 'new'. No kidding.
1:Ever been to New York City?

2: fått deg ny bil? (got a new car?)
by saxojon November 22, 2005
pronouced nee-es, refers to the area of skin between the testicles and the anus. from spanish, "it is neither" because it is neither the balls, or the anus, but an area between. synonyms include: chode, gook etc.
"my girl found me making out with her sister, so she kicked me in the nies."

"that girls a freak, all she wanted to do was lick my nies."

"after a long walk outside, jose had a very sweaty nies."
by jaylove August 22, 2007
Similar to Aye (yes, or affimative), but with a sound of resignation.
"Ny, your right."
by Jalex Darnco April 21, 2004
Orgamsic joy of square treats that can be either grown or bought frozen; different types: real nies, fake nies (shopping bag flavored), diet nies, asian nies, kyo nies, polish nies, french nies...etc.
Nies are so great that even Niimura Kyo wanted in on the action.
by Mitchi July 29, 2004
Maybe. New york. N for no, y for yes so when you say ny it means maybe. Say it like you would say New York as NY
Can you come?
by Cookie Stealer --- awesomio January 02, 2008
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