nice tight fit.

the perfect dick.
fits well, just exactly as intended.
perfect in length and girth.
often leads to the best sex you've ever encountered.
other guys will have problems surpassing a sexual experience with an ntf.
melyss: how was that date last night? things end well?

carol the great: well??? they were incredible!!!

melyss: do you mean...?

carol the great: OH YES.

both: NTF!!!!
by perfectimperfection March 19, 2008
Top Definition
nigga the fuck?!

a phrase used in moments of great confusion, shock, and disgust.

the hood variant of "what the fuck"
Bro 1: That girl be on birth control, but she still made him jizz in the sink.

Bro 2: NTF?! I wouldve came in her stink!
by cool reef December 03, 2010
1) An abreviation for Not Too Fucking Smart

2) May also refer to the New Technology File System. The file system introduced with Windows NT to replace the File Allocation Table (FAT) system. Used by Windows NT, 2000, XP, Vista, Server 2003, and Server 2008
Guy 1: Man, Jenny is NTFS,
Guy 2: Yeah, she won't stop babling about how The Hills is "sooo true!"

Guy 3: Should I reformat my new harddrive as NTFS or would I loose all my porn?
Nerd: NTFS isn't that huge of an improvement. Besides, everyone knows Linux is way better for storing, sorting and categorizing your porn!
by Sheepe January 30, 2008
Not To Flaunt
NTF, but my old lady and I make some pretty good looking babies.
by kpsheenani January 22, 2013
Not The Fucking Same
Guy 1: Dude check out my new iphone! it's the best smartphone on the market.
Guy 2: Yeah, i got myself a blackberry
Guy 1: NTFS man!
by H-ABB August 07, 2010
An abreviation for (Not Too Fucking Safe). Can be used in an electronic situation, or real life situation.
That link that troll posted was NTFS. or, the way Tim did that flip was NTFS
by Shadowgamerx10 September 20, 2010
Next Time Forever

A phrase used when breaking up with someone that means it’s over for good.

Also an illscarlett song.
This time she said it’s over, she said next time forever (NTF), I can’t explain I’ll take the blame. I brought this all on myself.
by Briaxstarr August 07, 2007
Abbreviation for New Technology File System, the file system introduced with windows NT to replace the file allocation table (FAT) system.

The *nix kernel is not compatible with NTFS at present.
you'd be more secure with NTFS you know
by SilverFalcon October 10, 2004
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