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Not Safe For Dorm. Generally used to describe content that could be offensive to a dormmate, usually sexual or gruesome in nature.
Deon: <insert website here>
Matt: nsfd?
Deon: uh....yeah.
Matt: ....WTF!!!
by burkhartmj January 26, 2008
Not Safe For Dave, the average coworker. It is important to remain neutral with all Daves in your life, forcing you to hide your weird shit from him.
Neil: Why is this forward marked NSFD?

Josh: It talks about furries man, Dave hates those furries.
by nerdtheman January 17, 2012
- N.ot S.afee F.or D.aytimee
Lets Do Somethinq Thats NSFD.
by Sassy Hoee July 23, 2011